"Enquanto não conseguirmos suprimir qualquer uma das causas do desespero humano, não teremos o direito de tentar a supressão dos meios pelos quais o homem tenta se livrar do desespero."
Antonin Artaud

quarta-feira, 14 de janeiro de 2009

frusciante stuff

it´s about the scars on his arms. (i have scars too, these and other ones, we have)
it´s about music, (we know)
about life, (...)
about give up, (!)
about not giving up, (!!)
about us.
pourqoi pas (
why not)?


"Today, Frusciante's arms are covered with abscess scars; they look like they've suffered third-degree burns. He was taught to shoot up by people who didn't really know how; when he started getting abscesses, he persisted anyway: "I just didn't care what was going to happen to me. I always thought I was very close to dying." Frusciante thought he would never be able to kick heroin. "When I was a junkie, I would think, 'How at can I ever stay clean? I'll always be able to compare it with how it feels to be on drugs.' And I thought being on drugs was the ultimate way you could feel. I was so proud to be on them. I love everything that I felt on drugs, but I can do more justice to those feelings by trying to re-create them with my music." He says his scarred arms don't bother him and that he's recently felt confident enough to start taking his shirt off onstage again, an essential part of being a Pepper. "I wouldn't trade them for the way I used to look," he says. "At 19, I might have looked like a stud, but I was a weakling inside. I wasn't proud of who I was then. And now I'm proud of who I am." Frusciante debuted most of the songs for his upcoming solo album in his living room, in impromptu concerts for friends: "A couple of years ago, I could only make people feel sad. That was the only ability I had. So it means everything to me to be able to sit down and sing and play guitar and make whoever I'm with feel good.""

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